Advanced Wound Care Products We Provide

Hand Holding Clear Oleeva

With nearly four decades worth of experience under our belts, Bio Med Sciences aims to provide cutting edge products to help improve the lives of those in need. We have paved the way in wound care, scar management, & skin renewing technologies, producing a wide array of devices that we take pride in developing. One of said products is our Advanced Wound Care lineup. Here are the four Advanced Wound Care products Bio Med Sciences provides.


A silver wound dressing, exsaltT7 utilizes silver oxysalts, which interact with microbial DNA, proteins, & lipids much more easily. The oxysalts coupled with exsaltT7’s low silver content allows for a less toxic dressing for wounds, which in turn leads to a gentler use. exsaltT7 is also produced at a lower cost, making it a prime choice for those trying to save money while still treating wounds with quality products.


For sensitive or fragile skin, opt for Rylon-1. Because of its silicone coating, Rylon-1 will not get attached to wounds, which allows for a diminished chance of possible damage, while also preventing the chance of tissue removal, and in turn, potential pain when removed. Rylon-1 is a versatile layer, as it can be utilized for an array of wounds as well as differing states of wounds, such as dry wounds vs exuding wounds.


Created using a weave of biopolymers, Silon-TSR is a thin membrane that does not stick and is flexible in use. We want patients to be comfortable, and that is what the Silon-TSR does best, as it creates a moist area to go along with its non-adherent nature. This is the ideal choice of temporary skin replacement when dealing with laser resurfacing, selective adhesion, & dermabrasion wounds. Without sticking, Silon-TSR will clutch skin and can be removed without an issue. And because it is see-through, providers can monitor wounds while using Silon-TSR with no need to remove it.

Dual-Dress 50

With the Dual-Dress 50, there is no need to worry about having to change the dressings continuously thanks in part to its high absorbency. Serving as a covering for autograft sites and/or biosynthetic dressings, Dual-Dress 50’s thick foam layer offers some padding along with its absorbency to help with tender damages while also preventing both contamination and leakage.