Where To Shop For Oleeva® Products

Oleeva scar shapes can be purchased in our website, but where else can you shop for Oleeva products? 


Whether you find this surprising or unsurprising, Amazon offers a wide variety of Oleeva products, most notably our Scar Shape line. From breast form kits to brachioplasty and abdominoplasty to umbilicoplasty scar shapes, you should find a wide variety of doctor-recommended choices with fast Amazon shipping options.

Small ShopsShop

We’re proud to offer our products to small shops both online and in brick-and-mortar commerce. Some of the shops that carry our products include Remington Medical, Dermacare Direct, Urology Health Store Canada, Jobskin, Performance Health, MH International Co, ePharmadora, and Diamond Athletic Medical Supplies, Inc. to name a few. 

Pelegrina Medical

Pelegrina Medical, Inc has serviced hospital, health care facilities, physicians, emergency, special medical environments and patients providing high quality medical products, equipment and services. Their products and equipment are used during critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care during recovery, emergency services, physicians offices, patient care and many other medical environments. In 2000, Pelegrina International, Corp. was founded to expand sales to customers worldwide via e-commerce and the internet. That’s where Oleeva comes in. Offering the best medical care products, Pelegrina Medical is a trusted distributor for Bio Med Sciences, including Oleeva branded scar care products. Not only do they offer various pre-cut Scar Shapes options, but they also carry Sea Allure nighttime skin firming patches. 

Pelegrina Medical is a trusted partner in spreading the Oleeva brand, providing products to big-box stores like Walmart to ensure our scar management systems are available throughout the nation and abroad. 

If you’re looking for special deals on our wide range of Oleeva brand products, there’s no better place to purchase than our website. Contact us today with any inquiries on special promotions. We’re always offering new monthly deals to make your recovery easier and as pleasant as possible!