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Will Oleeva® help older scars, or just new scars?
Oleeva® can also reduce older, existing raised or thickened hypertrophic/keloid scars. Through its moisturization effect, it will soften up and flatten out the scar. Although, best results will occur when there is still healing taking place. Signs of healing include redness, itching, irritation, and continuing growth of the scar. If any of these signs are present, regardless of the age of the scar, Oleeva® can improve the appearance of the scar.
When can I start to use Oleeva®?
Oleeva® works best when it is applied as soon as the wound is fully closed and healed. There should be no exudates or drainage weeping from the wound or scabs present. Oleeva® is not indicated to be used over sutures, staples or open wounds.
How long do I have to use Oleeva® before I can start to see it work?
A general softening of the scar and decrease in redness will begin within days of initial use. You should start to see a difference in the appearance of the scar typically after 3 to 4 weeks of use. An average of 3-6 months is required for a maximum effect on the scar.
How long will I need to use the product to see maximum results?
For surgical scars, approximately 3-6 months of daily use will normally be sufficient to achieve the maximum effect, but depending on factors including: your genetics, age, race and type of scar, more time may be required. Keloid scars and scars resulting from serious burns will take longer to achieve the maximum effect.
How long does a single Oleeva® Fabric shape last?
Oleeva® products are formulated with a silicone that has been designed to be very adhesive, soft, washable, durable and reusable. Oleeva® is also designed to be “sticky” without the use of surface adhesives that can be washed off or cause irritation to sensitive skin. Washing Oleeva® daily with a plain soap that doesn’t include moisturizers will actually help to prolong its ability to stick to your skin by removing dirt and oils that accumulate. Eventually, Oleeva® will lose its ability to remain sticky after repeated uses, but approximately 3-4 weeks of use per piece is considered typical. Proper care of the product is critical in order to maintain stickiness for ease of use. Consider purchasing our Silicone Cleanser to help extend the life of the product.
How well should I expect Oleeva® to work with my skin?
The ability of Oleeva® to stick to your skin may also vary depending on your genetics, age, race, care of the product and the area of the body where it has been applied; such as areas containing joints that can flex. If you have a skin type that causes you to experience difficulty in keeping Oleeva® in place, external fixation in the form of a gentle surgical tape or elastic device/garment should help improve the situation. Remember, it is the Oleeva® silicone sheeting itself, not the stickiness that facilitates effective scar healing. So maintaining contact with the skin is very important. The sticky feature is an added convenience.
What is Oleeva® made of?
Oleeva® is made from a patented proprietary formula containing a mixture of biocompatible PTFE (“Teflon®”) material and bio-inert/bio-compatible medical grade silicones blended into a composite structure called Silon® that are manufactured as a topical silicone gel sheeting with a self-adherent property.