Hand Holding Clear Oleeva

Why BioMed Sciences? Backed by Plastic Surgeons & Dermatologists & over 30 years in the business

Hands Holding Clear Oleeva

When Mark Dillon established Bio Med Sciences in 1987, the goal of this company was to deliver cutting edge technology for burn treatments, plastic surgery and aesthetic skin-care. Since then, we have achieved that goal while also having an array of US and foreign patents issued, allowing us to grow and develop an array of scar tissue treatments thanks to our Silon technology.

With over 30 years in the business, our experience has made us the premier outlet for skin, scar, and wound care. Having developed our highly successful IPN technology with our Silon, Oleeva, and SeaAllure products, we provide patients, consumers, distributors, and practices an outlet to purchase these advanced healing products. In fact, Bio Med Sciences and our authorized business partners are the only outlets where Oleeva products are available.

And while we can talk about ourselves until we are blue in the face, we are not the only people aware of our quality products. Not only have we been in the business for 30 years, but we also have received numerous recommendations from plastic surgeons and dermatologists in roughly the same time span. Do not be surprised if your local physician recommends an Oleeva product for your scar management. 

As a company with an aim of revolutionizing innovations within scar, skin, and wound care, Bio Med Sciences is delighted to help push the industry toward new ideas that can help those in need. With a savvy team of professionals furthering research, we are excited to see what new products and methods will come in the near future.