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What To Know About Mastectomy Scars

A mastectomy is performed as a way of treating or preventing breast cancer by removing all of the breast tissue. This is different from a lumpectomy where only the tumor and some surrounding tissue is removed. A lumpectomy is not always an option depending on what stage the cancer is or how much is there. Techniques over the years have advanced enough to preserve the skin to give a more natural-looking breast. In some cases, breast reconstruction can be done at the same time as the mastectomy.

What are the approaches towards an incision for a mastectomy?

There are a few spots on the breast where doctors can make the incision. The most common scars are a horizontal line, a diagonal line, or a half-moon shape as a result of these incisions. The extent of the scarring is based on the type of mastectomy including:

  • A partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. This removes the tumor and part of the breast tissue keeping as much of the breast there as possible. There will be a depression or divot in the breast where the tumor was removed, this may be filled with tissue from the patient or other implant materials.
  • A skin-sparing mastectomy. This surgery involves removing most of the breast including the areola, nipple, and one or more lymph nodes. The remaining skin can be reconstructed with tissue from another part of the body or an implant. There will be a medium to large scar along the front of the breast.
  • A nipple-sparing mastectomy. This procedure is mainly done during a preventative surgery or when the cancer is in the early stages. It will preserve the skin and the areola with an incision on the side of the breast or underneath depending on the position and size.
  • A modified radical mastectomy. This surgery will allow the patient to have their chest wall intact. It removes the breast tissue and lymph nodes. The scar is large and visible on the chest.

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