2020 Fire Prevention Week

The 2020 Fire Prevention Week is celebrated across the nation during the week of October 4-8. Even though education on fire prevention is practiced daily, this is the time to remind people that fires can cause devastating injuries including death and cause the destruction of property. Fires are preventable and the public should be educated on fire prevention. During Fire Prevention Week we remember and recognize those Firefighters and First Responders who risk their lives to protect us from the dangers of fires and remember those who gave their lives protecting us from fires. Several national associations such as The National Fire Protection Association NFPA® , and the American Burn Association, State fire prevention networks and private companies celebrate this week with events recognizing those who serve in fire prevention and output messages on how to prevent fires and practice fire safety in our daily lives. There are great campaigns online with plenty of materials that promote fire prevention and fire safety for kids and adults. Examples include helpful tips on creating a kid-free zone in the kitchen, how to extinguish a small fire with a lid, staying focused and alert while cooking, distributing materials at safety events, and more. People can obtain educational brochures, stickers, fire hats, coloring books and sheet pads, posters, Sparky the Fire Dog® value packs, and other materials that make great giveaways during Fire Prevention Week and throughout the year.

Bio Med Sciences, Inc. is a manufacturer of medical products used for treating burn injuries and other types of wounds. The Company has patented technology and has developed products for use in the both the acute and long-term rehabilitation phases of burn recovery.

The president and CEO of Bio Med Sciences, Mark Dillon, states: “From the beginning, Bio Med Sciences learned that the world of burn treatment is based on a community of dedicated people involving a spectrum of activities – spanning prevention, first responders, ER staff, OR surgeons, rehabilitation therapists and patient support groups. Somewhere in the mix are companies and engineers that create the tools and products that the burn community uses.”

Every year, Bio Med Sciences recognizes and supports the noble efforts of the Lehigh Burn Prevention Network, an organization dedicated to fire prevention, fire safety and support of firefighters

The Burn Prevention Network’s annual Valley Preferred Spirit of Courage Awards honors those who have demonstrated exemplary spirit and courage when faced with the often-tragic consequences of burn injuries as well as those who have bravely acted to prevent such disasters. These people range from ordinary citizens to those who serve in uniform, each sharing a common thread of heroism.

The evening is devoted to the firefighters, EMS crews, police officers and civilians in the Lehigh Valley and beyond who disregarded their own safety to help a stranger, a relative or a neighbor.

Please show your support and join the Burn Prevention Network for this wonderful and inspiring event. The Fire Prevention Week 2020 campaign highlights this year’s focus on cooking safety and preventing kitchen fires at home.