How to Help Your Incisions Heal Faster

While our products can help reduce your scars, it all starts with recovery. There is no magical cure for getting rid of scars but we can at least try to prevent them. With the proper care and supplies, your scarring can be minimal, if not completely gone. Aftercare starts from day one. Here are some helpful hints for your incisions to heal faster and easier.

  • Doctor’s Instructions: It’s common for patients to disregard their doctor’s instructions or pick and choose which instructions to follow. Failing to follow instructions could not only extend the healing, but it could cause more damage in the end. The instructions are to get you healthier faster.
  • Follow Up Appointments: The follow-up appointments give the doctor a chance to examine the incision to make sure it’s healing well, but also to check on you. They might want to request blood work for any infections, check to see the incision is closing nicely, and more. Keep up with the appointments until the doctor clears you.
  • Prevent Infection: While incisions will have a risk of infections, with the proper care and cleaning, you can easily prevent one. One of the basic instructions is to wash your hands before handling the incision.
  • Inspect the Area: The incisions need to be inspected daily, especially in the beginning. You need to keep an eye on the healing process, if an infection is brewing, the coloring, drainage, etc. If a problem does come up, the sooner it’s treated, the better.
  • Keep A Proper Diet: Some injuries, procedures, or even medications, could cause you to lose your appetite, feel nauseous, or constipated. It’s essential to stay hydrated and keep up a healthy diet as you’re healing. Your body needs the proper fuel to heal properly. If you are having trouble, contact your doctor.