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How Our Oleeva® Scar Products Work

How Our Oleeva® Scar Products Work

Scars do not define who you are, but sometimes they are the one thing that stands in the way of your self-confidence. We want you to look your best no matter what. Oleeva® is the superior scar management option that works with your skin. It’s intended to be used for a number of things such as traumatic injuries, surgical procedures, plastic surgery procedures, burns, minor cuts, and more. Oleeva® has been shown to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieve the itching and discomfort of scars, and provide a gentle soothing effect to the scared area.

When can you use Oleeva®?

Any wound you are using our product on needs to be completely closed and healed. There cannot be any scabs, exudates, or drainage from the incision. While our product works best on keloid and hypertrophic scars as soon as they have healed, you can use Oleeva® on older scars as well. It just may take longer to see optimal results than you would with a newer scar.

How long will it be before you start seeing results?

The results might vary depending on how severe the scars are or how old the scars are. Usually, you will notice the redness decreasing and the scar softening within days. There should be a visual difference in about three to four weeks. For a significant difference, it takes about three to six months. It comes down to the type of scar you have, your age, your race, and even your genetics. Some scars may require more time.

How long will Oleeva® last?

These products are reusable for about three to five weeks! They have been formulated with a silicone that is designed to be very soft, durable, reusable, washable, and adherent. Proper care of the product is critical in order to maintain stickiness for ease of use. For the best results, wash Oleeva® daily with a plain soap that does not contain moisturizers, oils, or lotions. This will help prolong its ability to stick to your skin by removing dirt and oils that accumulate to the sticky side. For an instructional video on washing Oleeva®, click here.

Does Oleeva® differ from skin type to skin type?

It might vary depending on your age, race, genetics, care for the product, but also the area where Oleeva® is applied. If you are having trouble with Oleeva® sticking because it’s in a joint area or any other reason, you can use gentle surgical tape or an elastic garment to help keep it in place. Even if the stickiness decreases, you can still use Oleeva®. It is the silicone itself, not the stickiness, that softens the scar.

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