Summer Scar Care

Summer Scar Care

If you’ve recently had an accident or surgery that has left behind a scar, it’s important to be extra careful protecting your skin this summer. Summer scar care is different than your average skincare!

Sun Care

One of the main concerns for scars in the summer is the sun. Sunlight and UV rays are responsible for poorly healed scars and even old scars – scars older than two years old – can be in danger. While you may think a tan will help hide your scars, it’s also an awful way to end up with hyper-pigmented and uneven skin. Scarred areas are sensitive to sunlight and produce melanin in uneven patches and develop a red or purple appearance that won’t fade easily and make your scars even more noticeable.

Summer Scar Care Products

Scars heal the best when the area is clean, free of infection, and well hydrated. Hydration doesn’t exactly mean you should be bathing yourself in body lotion. Instead, make sure to drink plenty of fluids to replace water lost through sweat – a good practice regardless to avoid heat stroke risks during long periods of exertion outside. If you have to go swimming in a pool or in the sea, shower immediately after swimming to remove potentially harmful chemicals and salt, then apply a good quality, unscented moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.

Another way to ensure healthy skin is a good diet full of protein, fruits, and vegetables that provide your skin with the minerals and vitamins needed to re-build, working even better than any topical oils and creams. If you’re going out, use sunscreen of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30 or more that’s designed for sensitive or scarred skin. Dermatologist indication may be helpful and is highly recommended. Otherwise, we recommend hitting scarring hard with Bio Med Sciences Oleeva bandages. Our bandages are strong, waterproof, and made especially to contour your body and stay out of the way, allowing you to still have fun while recovering this summer!