oeko-tex standards

OEKO-TEX Standards

Our continuing mission to provide people with the very best in scar management has taken a giant leap forward with the new standards of our products. Our constant advancements and attention to detail force us to always make the most pragmatic decisions when it comes to your healing. We care about our customers and will never stop striving to be of the most help we can. One way we have furthered the quality of our products is by ensuring everything is OEKO-TEX certified. Read on to learn more about this life-saving process!

OEKO-TEX standards refer to any fabric or textile that has been tested for harmful chemicals or other substances. With your health being our number one concern, we couldn’t let sub-par products be sold to the public. Next time you are searching for a scar management treatment and don’t know what brand to pick, be sure to choose Oleeva and our OEKO-TEX standard fabrics!

When a product is tested, it is done so independently by an OEKO-TEX partnered institute. They take into consideration many regulated and non-regulated substances that have been at some point theorized to cause adverse effects on human health. As our products are made for healing, they should do so with a 100% guarantee of being safe to use for all of our customers.

The entire testing method is reevaluated each year to ensure all substances that may be an issue are included and new data is collected. Virtually any textile from baby clothes, home decorations, to scar management solutions can and should be tested. If you are concerned in the future about clothing or your scar management solutions, do a quick label check or internet search to see if the brand is as dedicated to your health as Oleeva is.

At Oleeva, we only believe in the best potential solution, we have no desire for second-rate treatments or products. So as any new certification or quality control test is prompted by the medical industry, we oblige happily to ensure you, our customers, are in the right hands. Thank you for reading this blog, we hope it sheds some light on our products and will lead you to purchase the item best suited for your needs!