spring and summer body

Feel Confident With How You Look This Spring and Summer!

Did you follow through with your new year’s fitness resolutions? Whether you did or opted for surgery, body image can still be an issue as your body changes or with new scars can still be a touchy topic.


You’ve kept up with your fitness goals. Good job! But maybe your body isn’t exactly what you were hoping it was. Sometimes weight loss, especially rapid weight loss or weight loss at different age ranges looks different than we’d hope. Loose skin is not uncommon and while you might be able to run a mile in under ten minutes, you may still have stubborn scarring and stretching. Scars are complex and to treat them safely it’s important to consult a dermatologist for their expert opinion

Some scars like cellulite may only require an uptake in collagen supplements or topical creams. Other scars like varicose veins or surgery scars in the case of excess skin reduction will definitely require an expert hand.


Whether it’s cosmetic or for clinical needs, surgeries leave behind scars and change our bodies. One of the main causes of self-esteem issues, scars aren’t something that can be willed away by diet and exercise. However, there are some steps you can take this spring to lessen the severity of scars when it’s time to show off your beach body.

The truth is, scars are very vulnerable. Especially if they’re recent! Too much sun exposure can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which can cause a scar to brown and appear more raised or inflamed. You also want to protect your scar from any kind of infection. If the wound is new and recently scarred, it runs the risk of tearing and re-opening the wound. That’s why at Bio-Med Sciences we developed Silon® technology and have become the leaders in scar management from our Oleeva® brand. Our scar shapes fit just right to many commonplace surgeries and protect your skin and scars from harmful factors while you heal, helping you achieve a confident, scar-free life!