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Oleeva® scar management products use cutting-edge medical technology to help reduce the appearance of scars.

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The Only Scar Management Products with Silon® Technology

Only Oleeva® scar reduction products feature patented Silon® technology. Silon® blends the best properties of silicone and Teflon®, resulting in unparalleled strength and softness. It’s professional-grade technology used by leading burn centers and plastic surgeons – and it’s now available to the public in Oleeva® products!

Michaela N.


“I’m super-happy that I used Oleeva® Scar Shapes for over one year for my C-section scars. The results are truly magic!”

Julie S.


“Within a week of wearing, I noticed a huge difference! The scars were flatter and much lighter in color.”

Katie H.


“After only 3 weeks, my raised keloids have flattened to almost nothing, and they’re improving every day. Highly recommended!”

Recommended by Plastic Surgeons & Dermatologists

Prevents new scars from forming

Apply as soon as the wound is fully closed and healed. There should be no exudates or drainage weeping from the wound or scabs present.

Reduces existing scars

Minimizes hypertrophic and keloid scars resulting from general surgical procedures, plastic surgery procedures, and more.

No messy oils or creams

Our bandages are a reusable, lightweight, flexible, durable, and self-adhesive silicone gel sheeting.

Completely latex- & drug-free

Made from a formula containing a mixture of “Teflon®” and bio-compatible medical grade silicones that blend into Silon®

Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility

The only scar management product to pass the rigorous OEKO TEX® Standard 100 Certification.
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Woman In Towels Wearing Sea Allure Skin Firming patches


An innovative, nighttime skin-firming treatment

From the creators of Oleeva®, Bio Med Science, we bring you SeaAllure™, an innovative, nighttime skin-firming patch clinically proven to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles using moisturization and natural skin-tightening ingredients from the sea. Keep your face looking healthy and young with a simple month-long plan.

Industry leader in scar management.

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