What is Silon – IPN?

Otto Wichterie, a Czech Chemist who pioneered modern contact lenses, polyamide, caprolactam, and synthetic polymers. He and his team revolutionized the field of biochemistry in 1941 when he and his team used polyamide thread to make the first Czechoslovak synthetic fiber, calling it Silon – similar to American nylon. Because of him and his study in chemistry, research into synthetic polymers evolved.

From the 1950s to now Bio Med Sciences has continued to develop silicone formulations that combine strength, softness, and adhesion for post-surgical applications. The products of Oleeva are ideal for individuals and medical practices alike, with different designs for burn treatments and scars from c-sections and plastic surgery alike. But what does IPN mean?

Interpenetrating polymer networks or IPNs are polymers comprising two or more networks that are partially interlaced but not bonded, meaning it cannot be separated unless by chemical bonds being broken. This results in an incredibly strong adhesive health products and splinting material that we at Oleeva use for scar management that doesn’t require surgical interference. The strength of these adhesives allowed us to create Oleeva scar shapes designed to treat special scarring from best, abdominal, and surgical procedures. These adhesives are pre-shaped for most common procedures such as brachioplasty, thyroid, cardiothoratic, umbilicoplasty, mastopexy, and abdominallasty.

Silon technology by Oleeva has been the subject of a variety of medical journals and trade publications and has received glowing praise in our products’ ability to treat scar tissue. Our research has been referenced and published by the Journal of Burn Care & Research by the American Burn Association, the Southern Medical Association at the Southern Region Burn Conference, and the European Burns Association Congress. Do you have fresh scars from a recent important medical procedure? Check out the Oleeva shop today for various adhesives and foam splints that are so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them! We offer adhesives in silon bandage-style wraps and in Oleeva Clear, translucent bandages that are self-adhesive and virtually invisible.