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Oleeva® products use Silon-IPN®: Interpenetrating Polymer Network

Numerous silicone formulations have been developed for a wide variety of commercial applications. Some offer high strength and stiffness; others provide a soft and sticky character. Silon-IPN® from Bio Med Sciences combines the best of both worlds.

Bio Med Sciences’ Interpenetrating Polymer Network technology combines strength, softness, and adhesion in one unique formulation. Silon-IPN® is ideal for a wide range of clinical and consumer wound, scar or skin care products — as well as other medical and non-medical applications.

Combining the Properties of Silicone and PTFE

Silon-IPN® semipermeable membranes are a unique blend of silicone and Teflon® (PTFE), resulting in very thin sheets of soft & tacky silicone with significantly enhanced physical strength.

Semipermeable Membranes for Industrial, Medical & Consumer Use

  • Exclusive Patented Technology
  • Combines Strength, Softness,
    Moisture Vapor Permeability
  • 10 – 750 Micron Thickness
    (0.0004 – 0.030 inches)
  • Medical Grades & Converting
    Services Available
  • Full GMP Compliance

Silon-IPN® membranes are available in continuous lengths and in a variety of formulations. Contact us today to inquire about custom fabrication for your specific needs.

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Only Oleeva® scar reduction products feature patented Silon® technology used by leading burn centers and plastic surgeons – and it’s now available to the public in Oleeva scar products!

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